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#TAS23 Guest Spotlight: The Underground HK

Mellow Yellow Music Festival, Hong Kong; Inset: Chris B

Photo of Chris B: Asher Chan; Hair: Glow Salon

Mellow Yellow Music Festival, Hong Kong; Inset: Chris B

Photo of Chris B: Asher Chan; Hair: Glow Salon

Ahead of TheTicketingBusiness ASIA 2023, The Underground HK’s Chris B discusses the current trends in the events sector from the growing use of analytics to her pleasure that Hong Kong revellers are embracing digital ticketing.

Chris B was born and raised in Hong Kong and organises, create and curates live music events under the brand known as The Underground HK. She launched Mellow Yellow Music Festival in 2019 and writes a popular blog about the local music and culture scene…

What are the key current challenges and opportunities in ticketing?

Chris B: I see customer experience is a definite current challenge here in Hong Kong. I’ve heard some nightmare experiences recently from people trying to buy tickets to a show (not mine!) who encountered difficult, unnecessary hurdles as well as website glitches.

I think ticketing platforms have a great opportunity to leverage data analytics to find out their customer preferences and market trends, which in turn could help to optimise pricing for events.

What are the most interesting trends you are witnessing?

Chris B: Customers being comfortable with digital tickets without the need to print them out to bring to the event! Finally!

What are your plans over the coming year, and what are you most looking forward to exploring at TheTicketingBusiness Asia?

Chris B: We plan to host more live music events in the coming year. At TheTicketingBusiness Asia, I will be on the lookout for new and better ticketing systems plus I look forward to hearing about case studies and innovative approaches to event promotion and management throughout Asia.


Join Chris B and hundreds of ticketing and events execs at TheTicketingBusiness ASIA 2023 #TAS23, which takes place at The Wave in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong on 17-18 October.

We’ll explore what’s happening across sales, marketing and engagement tech for arts, culture, sports, live music, theme parks and visitor attractions throughout the APAC entertainment market.